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  1. First part sucks but so freaking awesome for the other job opportunity!! Climb that ladder of opportunity lmao
  2. Hey hey! Not much been busy getting life together.
  3. LMFAO! that'd be pretty awesome.
  4. Sweet ring! And congrats!!
  5. That's awesome! I deff understand the struggle it's not fun. I just got a new stable permanent job and it does feel great! Anyone has ADT and your alarm goes off I may just be calling you!
  6. Congrats Balz! And that necklace is suitable lmao.
  7. Noiiccee! Sometimes I try to find some of the old gamers possibly same psn as back then just like balz and I have kept the same. Not easy at all. Really wonder what happened to them all.
  8. Haha it would awesome! Thank you thank you Bold. Well if there is a meet up before then, you all are still going to be invited. Nothin' but love.
  9. ​Thank you Balz!! after 8 years we better get married lol. I'm having my big wedding in Miami on the beach in about 2 years I'll shoot ya an invite and anyone who'd care to go let me know!
  10. Lmao it sure is. I just recently got married. December 26th. Well keep me posted about a meet up. I don't visit the site too often so I believe taco has my cell number.
  11. Here here! love ya guys great family even if we stray the true ones always come back.
  12. Anything been thought of yet?
  13. JerZ

    Destiny classes

    I'm so lost, someone give me a briefing on this game? Never even heard of it till now. The adult life has ducked me in too deep lol.
  14. I've always wanted to do a meet up. Someone with good planning and coordinating ahem taco..
  15. So, I've done it again had another little JerZ.. this is the last one for the love of God. If anyone wants advice…. stop at 2! lol I have 2 girls now, mines and my hubs wallets future are just lint and darkness. Had her on Oct. 3 the day after my oldests birthday. Here's Serenity.
  16. I ahve no idea what's going on, but I do know that in the early years Andy and I think it was Balz? or maybe RYNO? not sure but they did not get along at all, argued all the time. I think there was a point I didn't even like Andy lol thought he was a real ass haha :P . I've always been the one to heed from arguments but I do notice that whatever this clan seems to disagree on it's always resolved and moved on about.
  17. that's awesome, i love the little "classic" tag on the right side. I've been meaning to actually buy that book and get my gun license. I'm paranoid and know there's an impending dooms day! Maybe I'll purchase an M14 :)
  18. wow lol, i've been JerZGrL since 2005. Yes, I am a female i just have a little boy voice over the mic.
  19. sorry i missed it! Happy Bday!!
  20. We haveOptimum Boost, we have the triple play bundle so we pay 113 a month.
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