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  1. It is literaly like they are running out of ideas. I know! Next one will be IN SPACE! Will only be cool if real physics are applied. Zero gravity, shooting will push you back, etc etc.
  2. BalzOnYer4Head

    PC Specs

    Nice! Now youre just a mobo away from running on "ultra".
  3. You have to relinquish your half star though...
  4. Pretty solid list. It was nice that whilst reading it, I realized I do most of whats listed. Also learned a few things. Good share Andy.
  5. Yes! Now I dont have to buy an XBOX, but yuck, I have to upgrade to Windows 10. Kerbal doesnt work on 10 yet.
  6. I do make it work, but there is quite a bit of faffing around with a third party software to get it to work. Then there is the tuning of the look speed, acceleration , and deadzone. Its not crisp, its lazy. I've been killed a few times because of it.
  7. BalzOnYer4Head

    PC Specs

    Love that case. Menacing. If you need any help putting it all together don't hesitate to reach out. But PC building nowadays is easier than ever. No jumpers to worry about, its all pretty much plug and play.
  8. BalzOnYer4Head

    PC Specs

    Ive always wanted to do water cooling, but there is just something about water near my computer that completely freaks me out. I know its sealed and nearly impossible, but... Upgrades: MOBO to GigaByte Ultra Durable GA-970A-DS3P CPU to AMD FX 4.0Ghz 8350 EightCore Monitor 24 In Samsung S24C450 (Thanks Danger!) Had: 20GB RAM Radeon R9 Sapphire 270X Corsair HX850 Footnote: No longer in a milk crate. New mobo required more suitable accommodations. Generic ATX case I had sittin around in my room of PC parts.
  9. Sweet, wonder which Ageny the US will be represented by.
  10. What they are saying is true. It is very deep. I have only scratched the surface, but Zombies is a big indication of the development that went into the game. Zombies is Zombies, but there is a metric shit ton more to it. I dont want to spoil it for anyone, because when I experienced it I was like WTF? and you should have that moment as well. The Campaign mode allows co-op and the game borrows from some successful entities in gaming and movies. I am at a point in the campaign where I am experimenting with Force like powers but think more Neo than Anakin in there application. Pretty cool stuff. Online is also intense. You can run along the walls now and the maps are designed for you to take advantage of this and also engage in firefights whilst running along said walls. "Exosuit" has been tuned down, and Destiny type specializations have been implemented. You can select a player specialization that will give you a choice of two abilities that charge over time. Abilities like being able to warp time backwards for a brief moment, see enemies through walls, pull out a semi-automatic grenade launcher, etc. Its fast paced, like always. More mXm on any game is always a good thing.
  11. Did I read that right? 12.5 mile oval?
  12. So ya just jump, tilt back, and get on the boost. Looks simple enough, guess I should of done some training. I thought the guy was cheating, lol.
  13. Damn every single one of those is awesome!
  14. Here is my view of the first race...
  15. Nice download. That upload needs some help, but there isnt too much you can do with that with Charter.
  16. Oh wow. That seems a bit glitchy to me. Like the physics engine broke down or something.Did your wheel jerk about like it was possessed during that?
  17. That was funny. People are such dicks.
  18. Nice find and post good sir. Will start going over these, see how close they are to my tunes.
  19. Man both of ya married hot gingers!
  20. As a clan we had a big go at the first couple of Battlefronts, so I anticipate it will be the same on this generation of consoles. The Division we all have been waiting for, and its nice to finally get a solid* release date, despite it being next year. And the RBS: Siege is our cup of tea as far as game play.
  21. That was some absolutely fantastic racing. They really do need to fix that issue where if ya slightly bump into someone you two immediately become magnetically attached and your tires turn into butter. I got pushed off so many times because of that last night.
  22. What I am seeing is the difference a wheel makes. The guy in first you were trying to run down, you could see how smooth his inputs were.
  23. Are they all SOCOM maps? How is the controller configuration?
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