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  1. https://www.engadget.com/2016/10/13/steam-dualshock-playstation-support/ I know some members here who play PC have bought/downloaded applications that help with this. Hopefully the first attempt at native support is as good as the current 3rd party solutions.
  2. Looks pretty awesome to me. Everyone's been hoping they brought it back in time (me included) and they delivered.
  3. andy19

    Car Sounds

    Who would have thought a 4 pot could sound so good. http://www.popularmechanics.com/cars/advice/g2466/best-sounding-four-cylinder-engines/
  4. andy19

    PC Specs

    I run on a slightly modified Ultra setting now. It puts more processing on the GPU which is my strong point right now. I'll be cranking it all the way up to Ultra with the new setup. I also picked up the motherboard today. $115 CDN - $25 MIR which is a decent deal from what I've seen online. ASRock H97 Pro4
  5. andy19

    PC Specs

    So I just pulled the trigger on a CPU upgrade. I bought an Intel i5-4690, $30 off from Newegg with an additional $35 off with a promo code, so ended up getting it for $300 CAD after taxes and shipping. The CPU price alone was ~195 USD. Total ~225 USD. Still need to get the motherboard, but I'll probably get one from a store close to my work this week. Here's the upgrade comparison.
  6. andy19

    Spartan Tactical

    Woohoo! No probation for me!
  7. andy19

    Spartan Tactical

    So do we have to go through the recruitment process like all the other noobs?
  8. A decent list of helpful tips when playing RL.https://www.reddit.com/r/RocketLeague/comments/4ak85t/a_big_random_list_of_tips/
  9. So that's how you switch grenades. I also use LCTRL+W and LCTRL+S to move stance up/down. I didn't know about Pg.Up and Pg. Down. I should really print off that keymap image.
  10. From my perspective it was the head. That's where my scope was aimed and that's where the pink mist came from.
  11. More about JTF2 if you're interested. I personally like this account. The Dwyer Hill compound they mention in the Wikipedia entry isn't too far from my place. A friend of mine actually just recently did in-flight (or at least in-plane) training there as an MP in order to be eligible to fly with the Prime Minister for protection. Said it was quite intense.
  12. I wonder if they'll expand on the FBI or if they'll introduce another US agency. Maybe the ATF or DEA?
  13. They started with the best. No other DLC will beat the Canadians.
  14. But I like inadvertently spamming squad commands when I talk....or do anything else.
  15. Looks great. I haven't had any time to play. I got a PS TV and tried that out for a bit, but other than that with family over I haven't been able to game at all.
  16. I pieced all this together from saved in game footage and put the transitions and whatnot in with ShareFactory. And yes, I just barely got the guy with that shotgun, but a kill is a kill.
  17. The machine gun is the 48 Dredge. I combine that with the 205 Brecci and it's by far my favourite combination. Heavy hitting in short and medium distances, and with the red dot and front grip, the Dredge can actually shoot out fairly far. The 6 round burst take some getting used to, but it's fully auto, so hold the trigger down and it will continually repeat the 6 round bursts.
  18. I played some rounds today and decided to mess around with the Share Factory. The last kill is the entire reason I wanted to share - used the glitch specialist ability on the final kill of the match.
  19. Currently live for PC, PS4 coming soon. Biggest update: All Update Notes
  20. I usually get some solid hours into it, but once the clan starts to get into other games, CoD just dies out. I tried playing Advanced Warfare today, but only lasted 3 matches until I got tired of playing with randoms and quit.
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