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  1. ​Could use a chopper pilot in hardcore
  2. kotaco


      Gah, just seems to awesome.   My goal is to pick up this and GTA V (for the mods!) for PC once I get my new tower. (Who knows when that'll be though.)  
  3. I will admit, despite my hate for the developer, it looks ok. I just wonder why it tooks them so long to release gameplay footage to investors. Something still seems shady over there.. Reminder also, that this is still a PC only alpha thus far. There is no guarantee of a full PC release or a PS4 port at this point.
  4. kotaco


    All of this clans videos are pretty much awesome. Super long, but the communication and coordination is cool    
  5. I love GTA on PC for the mods
  6. Appears to be working properly for me. Everything is pulled from their feed: http://feeds.feedburner.com/PSBlog?format=xml
  7. kotaco


    I'd like to get into this one day, looks fun for any PC gamers out there, but definitely a steep learning curve.  
  8. More info: http://www.gamespot.com/articles/knowing-is-more-than-half-the-battle-in-rainbow-si/1100-6426228/
  9. ​lol. I still have Battlefield 4 as well. Really looking forward to some GTAO once we all can figure out a time too
  10. I will probably get this. I love cop games and will play though the story line. Online looked far to hectic for a respectable cop game though, not holding out high hopes for that.
  11. kotaco

    Online Heists

    I haven't had a chance yet, I wanted to wait for you guys to do it as a team. I also read that you get big monetary bonuses for doing the entire thing with the same crew as well as for completing them in order.  
  12. Just to give you all the update. We are now running the RC3 version of our forum software. RC meaning "Release Candidate" for those who didn't know. What this means is we're now out of beta, the software is now "officially supported" and we should be looking at a final release very soon. What his also means (and I hate to be the one to say this every time) is that our redesign will be kicking off soon. I've already put the first half down last year, but we still have 2K to raise and any help would be very very very much appreciated in this tax return season This also means the shoutbox will be making its return very soon as well.
  13. kotaco

    Online Heists

    My shift schedule has changed to 3p - 11p (if I dont get held over) so I could only commit to very late or weekends. Which is why I've had a decreased presence as of late. Working on getting it changed with the higher ups as it really does suck balz.. and not in the good way I am loving what I see, last thing I read said heists will be long and team oriented with huge pay offs. Should make online actually fun and hopefully eliminate the need to grind out boring missions.
  14. They were both really cheap during the 20th sale. I think I got both plus some other titles for 20 bucks.
  15. ​ Indeed. I value mine because its one of the original backwards compatible versions that can do PS2 discs. I've even played SOCOM II on it via Xlink. If it dies it will definitely be replaced with another 3 so I can finish up some LA Noir and try Red Dead for the first time.
  16. After a solid 8 years, it's finally starting to overheat and give me the blinking red light symptom. Figures, I just downloaded a couple PS3 games that were heavily discounted for the 20th anniversary sale. Will try the thermal paste replacement and a good cleaning to get it a few more months/years, but thankfully we have PS4 now
  17. mXm had a major regular presence back in the SOCOM II days, we had lots of people make comment about how much they enjoyed okaying with us. That was always something special we had going for us back then, and even today. Very cool stuff.
  18. Well there you go. The first annual invite will be in 2 years on Miami Beach... oh and it will also be JerZ's wedding, but who's keeping track anyway?
  19. Images are turned off in our shoutbox anyway You could always post a link to images as a status update. Either way, I think this thread is just fine. What a fine thread it is.
  20. Facebook is best used as a new aggregator for me.
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