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  1. 11 Years!
  2. Alrighty folks. All images have been restored and everything should be business as usual from here on out. I have noticed that the reply box has been a little finnicky lately. If you click it before the page is fully load it may load a greyed out box. I've reported this issue to hopefully have it fixed in the next update.
  3. ​Hey Flyers! Long time no see! We upgraded to the latest version of our forum software so that's why everything looks different. We'll be applying a theme to it in the near future to make it feel more "mXmy"
  4. Hi JerZ!

    1. JerZ


      Sorry I'm late lol hey taco!

  5. Note: Forum IDs have changed, so if you had any forums bookmarked (i.e. Gaming, Free Chat, etc) you may have to update your bookmarks. Nothing else has changed structurally.  
  6. Ignore this post: Fixing the guest thing.
  7. Ignore this post: Fixing the guest thing.
  8. kotaco

    For Utah

    Ignore this post: Fixing the guest thing.
  9. Ignore this post: Fixing the guest thing.
  10. kotaco

    Merry Christmas!

    & Happy Holidays
  11. Nice. I'll be ordering a couple things to hopefully make the recording easier soon. I wish spectator mode in GTA V was a little better as that could make things more interesting.
  12. Next round of Holidays just around the corner here. Then comes Q1 2015 games!
  13. We are now running Version B3A of the forum software which fixes a lot of bugs. A rebuild process is running in the background that will affect images for a short time, that is normal and expect to see them popping back up here shortly. Let me know of any major issues you come across.
  14. Looks like they are already going on Ebay from 2,000 upwards to 15,000
  15. kotaco


    Its not a bad movie, I enjoyed it when it came out
  16. For the past couple of days the site has been experiencing some technical issues caused by a botched upgrader. While attempting to upgrade to Beta 3 of the forum software, we ran into multiple issues caused by some overlooked variables in the upgrader files. The company is working on a patch to correct these issues in the next update. In the meantime, I have been able to revert us back to Beta 2 until that next update is released. In the process of reverting back I was able to correct a good number of existing errors as well. There has been no major loss of data, you may notice a post or two that took place before the update but after the backup may be missing, but all data through 12/1/2014 is restored. Thanks for your patience these past couple days.
  17. David Sears is now confirmed to be working at a studio in Austin called Edge of Reality
  18. Anyone up for some online shenanigans this upcoming holiday and/or holiday weekend?  
  19. I'm purchasing a 3.5mm audio splitter to see if that can pick up the audio that goes to my headset when I record. Worth a shot, only 8 bucks.
  20. That was the jet I said I wanted to get ASAP. Still planning on it
  21. That was a pretty cool water rescue, just needs some dramatic music
  22. We'll try and only do "friend only" sessions as opposed to crew only sessions.
  23. I'm thinking broadcasting to Twitch isn't the best way to go after reviewing the footage, I'll probably start capturing it but uploading it to YouTube instead for the pre-planned stunts and shenanigans. I also have to find a way to turn up the volume for mic chatter
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