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  1. Solid. I think I ranked up 1 In that brief Hotfire. Try again?
  2. BOLD Edition


    *chirp* solid copy mXm actual, BOLD Heavy, out. *chirp*
  3. Will be since I purchased it this morning under the guise of ODlN's taunting (but really I will probably be covering his six and saving his bacon more times than any heist could pay me back).
  4. ​YOU'VE...been going easy...on ME? (ain't THAT a bitch). I will admit I have seen a fair number of mXm playing together recently. That better last. My deluxe edition is downloading as I type. ...level 35. *snort* P.S. have we created [mXm] inside the game yet?
  5. ​Cocaine. Its a HELL of a drug.
  6. BOLD Edition


    "mXm, this is BOLD-1-heavy, break..." I'm building this system over time and hoping to finish by the end of July. "...break..." I've begun with the first purchase, two of these: (one of which is now running the ps4) https://www.asus.com/us/Monitors_Projectors/VG248QE/ "..INTERROGATIVE -- If anyone is interested?" i'll continue to post the parts as I get them (I'm not rushing, since no one else will be on the grid; I haven't built a PC in 20 years, so its fun to research, source and acquire over time.) "...BOLD-1-heavy out..."
  7. BOLD Edition


    I've started spec'ing out a machine for a potential buy in early July for this game. Incidentally, this really seems like the game we should be focusing on as a clan. I know its not console, though.
  8. BOLD Edition


    Here is a realism Arma III scenario a friend just shared with me (not sure if he participated in it or not, but it gives you a good idea of the gameplay mechanics in action). This actually wants to make me buy a PC to play this game. Something I may consider this summer.
  9. Srans, congratulations to you both, man!
  10. BOLD Edition


    That was pretty cool. Lots of communication has to go into that gameplay. Love dragging the teammates to the extraction.
  11. A co-worker was showing me some of the mods that have been on PC previously; envious that stylized content won't ever make it to the console.
  12. Hmm, I just looked again and it is updating; I guess since the titles weren't in bold, I assumed there was no new updates.
  13. http://www.theverge.com/#ooid=J3OG9hdDqZpkOtbissNDc6ANgX-GjwNL
  14. Pretty Amazing. http://www.rockstargames.com/videoplayer?id=11267&locale=en_us
  15. Two days ago, I jumped out of a helicopter at 8000ft, parachuted down towards a bounty in Blaine Country. Mid-fall, I called Lester and asked to go off-the-radar. 20-seconds later I touched down a block away from the target, under the cover of darkness. Tracked him to the clothing shop and waited. My radar cover was blown while he was still in the shop, so I got spooked and fell back a few blocks, but not without laying down 3 proximity mines near the stores opening. I decided to leave and head towards Los Santos; on the way I got a notification that "BOLDEdition killed SoddyPotty327". A few seconds after that "BOLDEdition collects bounty for $7,000 for killing SoddyPotty327". GTA V, man. Good times. A lil' bit of hip, a lil' bit of pelvis... A lil' bit of hip, a lil' bit of pelvis!
  16. Hey Dakota, did we kill the PS Blog feed on the forums?
  17. Hey, this looks fun; I could see myself getting into this quite a bit. The Rainbow series has always been a "different" type of FPS; one that I've grown to appreciate over time.
  18. ​Always. Be. Selling. I am convinced that is Chad's primary gaming hustle! P.S. You level 70 yet in Diablo 3? Paragon adventures await!
  19. That face does sort of remind me of Balz; like it is his Marge Simpson (groan) face.
  20. ​Weekend nights are out for me per usual, but, I'm online most nights, splitting my time across Diablo 3, GTA V and Destiny. I'm usually around between 8am and noon most mornings if some of you want to try to get a 4-man heist that way as well.
  21. i've been talking to some friends about the 4-man heists and it looks like the average time on the ones they have run is 2-4hrs depending on the number of setup tasks before the finales. So that is good to hear; they are meaty and take a bit to get done. Whomever is the lead on the heist also gets the save point, so you can always come back to it if you connect with the same lead (and they haven't moved on with another group).
  22. Didn't they already start pre-sales on a gold version? Fascinating. I wonder what was the motivation for the delay. Obviously something major if they have halted again.
  23. I haven't figured out how to unlock the mech walkers when playing individually; I wonder if that can actually be done. I haven't seen anyone else playing so I've been in GTA/Destiny when I've had time. The sun has jumped out a couple of times, so I've been tuning the motorcycle as well as putting some cycling mileage in my legs now that the roads are starting to clear up some. Hit me.
  24. I've run heists twice now. The very first one you get from Lester is a two-man shuffle to rob a Fleeca bank out by the beach. The take is pretty good for the score; the leader fronts a small bit of cash on setup. There is a driver who does crowd control in the bank and the hacker/driller who jacks the safe deposit box. I've played both positions and its pretty fun. I especially dug the getaway in the finale! A lot of the heist action I've seen is 4-man, but I'm told there are more two-man heists interspersed throughout. No time to be posting here; I'm too busy playing when I have free time. If you see me online and I'm not in some other game, hit me and i'll run the two-man with you as the lead. Balz, I spent a ton of loot on new heist clothing. You're missing out, man! Also, one of the new cars I bought is really cool. Come through, get in the passengers seat and I can drive you around and then drop you off in the one-niners neighborhood to see how tough you are!
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