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Friends, Homies, Countrymen! (An Introduction)

BOLD Edition

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Hello BOLD .... I am not a clan member here but have stopped by here a time or three ...

You seem to mix well with the indigenous fauna that accompanies this dwelling .

Welcome ...

Myself , I kind of quit gaming ... Seems as if I have purchased a PS4 just to watch movies on Amazon Prime .

I was big in to Socom and Never accepted MAG as a viable clan based game to proceed with . I might have had

about 1 hour of game play in MAG . Was not impressed . Mass Confusion ran rapid in that title . Battlefield is

about the same in that respect .

I played a lot of COD ... Doesn't mean I liked it , but it was the only game title that a clan could get together and

actually talk to all 12 members on the team ... Needless to say it was just a way keep in touch with friends .

Any how . good to see there are still some Like minded Socom gamer's still out and about .

Might see ya around on a game title or 2 in the future .

Thank you, brother. I appreciate it and look forward to gaming with you in the future. Also, always solid to find another player in the 40+ class (I will be there in June). I believe Odln is as well? That is going to make for some additional fun later :)

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Are you going to change your name to MyBalzinHerHand now that you are hitched? 



Congrats again Randy.  Way to make an honest woman out of her finally!   :thumbsup:


​One of her side of the family got her this gold necklace for the occasion, after looking at it all night trying to figure out what the hell it was, I think she actually has them around her neck now!

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