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mXm Shirts & More!!!


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We now have one design available online for purchase, with more coming soon!

A premade shirt sporting the mXm tag on the front is available at our online store:
This shirt features the tag, outlined in a metallic silver ink, filled in with a bold red and plain white ink to make it stand out. It comes in multiple colors if you don't want a black one.


If you arent happy with a short sleeve shirt, want to mess around with the colors yourself, or just want to kill a few minutes designing your own shirt, you can!
CLICK THIS LINK and search for designs by "Clan mXm" and you will find all the designs we publish which you may place on any compatible product. Even hats!

You may also change up the ink colors if the design allows it. Metallic, glitter, and other specialty inks may add a bit extra to your final cost. You are also permitted to place the design on the front, back or sleeves of the t-shirt, and scale it to the size you want. Have fun! We only make $1.00 of each shirt, which will go to keeping the website online.

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added a bunch of variations of a new design including some special prints.

The metallic golds and silvers should turn out like:

and the silver glitz/glitter shirt for girls will look somewhat like this:

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[quote name='kotaco' timestamp='1301015588' post='962']
Winning eh? How would you like to see that on a shirt?

I will leave the design up to someone with those skills but my vision is this: mXm with a Tiger busting out or like claw marks across the shirt w/ Phrase in nice bold fancy print WINNING! maybe a lower font of since Socom 1 or something similar...

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