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Blast from the past


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Not sure who is around these days but some of you may remember me. I'm Amanda's brother , I used to school her on the PS2 all the time haha. I've been meaning to get over here since I've been playing the PS3 so much lately. A little bit of Call of Duty black ops not too much multiplayer though. The past few days I've been cracked out on the co-op Call of the Dead. I did pick up Socom 4 but haven't played that much. Got quite a few other games. Looking forward to Modern Warfare 3 , Uncharted 3 and Arkham City later this year. My PSN is FallGuy_3 so send me an invite and I promise no doing of the "deed" :)

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I played a good bit up until the server went down. I tried playing local split screen but it was too boring. When the server did come up and I played I was rusty as hell. I haven't really played any shooters since Socom 2. I didn't really get back into it until Black Ops and it took me forever to get used to first person view. Then Socom 4 comes out and I had trouble with 3rd person view. I'll get it back soon enough though.
I stayed away from shooters mainly because of the community. Its only fun playing with people you know. The shooter genre is huge now so there are more douchebags but they they don't bother me as much anymore. Black Ops is like Socom 2 where people complain when you use certain guns. No matter what you use people will whine about it being overpowered.
Funny part is Black Ops is like the best selling game ever over here and in the UK but when you read stories about it online people are hating on it lol
Give Call of the Dead a try again. The others were boring and kinda easy but this one is non stop and a lot tougher on co-op mode

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I remember ya Colt! Nice to see ya back around!

I haven't been gaming much lately, just started a new job and doing college / girlfriend takes up the spare time. Once some new games drop though I'm sure I'll make more time.

Make yourself at home hear, it's a nice little hub to hang out and keep in touch with the old school mXm and friends and meet the new ones.

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