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My nerdy doodles


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As I was mentioning in the "Firefly" thread, when at work sometimes I will "doodle". I have a set of drawing pencils and a few straight edge tools that I just dick around with when on a call as a customer drones on. I do not claim in any way to be an artist. But here are some of the "finished" ones.

Miranda Class and Starfleet emblem with a little mXm flair.

Shuttle Craft (circa TMP)

Saladin Class (circa (TOS)

"Enterprise" from the same named show

Remora Class Escort (My own design)

Olympia Class Medical Vessel (circa TOS)

NCC 1701 USS Enterprise (JJ Abrahms Reboot Version)

OV101 - Enterprise

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[quote name='weathermatt' timestamp='1312693164' post='1482']
I saw this at Comic Con and thought of you Randy.

If those were for sale, I would of walked out of there with them for sure. I have the 1701-D and the Abrahms version of the Constitution Class style from the new movie. Those are great models of what they call the Constitution Refit.

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I would love to be on those calls when you are drawing these... they must think you are the most sympathetic person on the planet... "and sir, my phone keeps cutting out and I am so frustrated! I just want to be able to talk on the phone!" Ballz:" I here you maam, I feel your pain, if it makes you feel any better I just finished up a kick ass drawing of my Enterprise circling Uranus in search of Klingons!"

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