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Does anybody know where to get free documentation (preferably PDF) for vehicles/engines?
I've been looking all over the place, but my Google-fu seems to be inferior for this kind of search for information.
I'm looking for a service manual for a vehicle with a GM 3800 Series II engine (most Buick/larger Chevy cars). Can't find it ANYWHERE.

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As much as I hate buying books for information that really should be freely available online, I caved and bought a Haynes manual for Impala/Monte Carlo 1995-2005 from Amazon.
It was only $26 after shipping, not too bad, and I'm sure it'll save a lot of headaches. I can already think of a few things that I could use it for on the Monte.
Got it from a Canadian seller, so hopefully it'll be here by early next week at the latest.

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So I got the Haynes manual, but the part I need is so obscure and seemingly insignificant (tell that to the coolant that's seeping into the road instead of flowing through the engine), that it's not in the manual.
Great book to have, but it covers all the major stuff, not the intricacies of each system within the car.

Luckily my dad happens to be a mechanic with lots of experience with GM, and got the part from a dealer after I sent him a few pictures. I should have it up and running this weekend.

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