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What happens when Andy is on overwatch..


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1 hour ago, ODIN said:

cant an xbox controller plug and play?  I use an XBONE controller for all other pc games and it works fine.


Yes it can, but I think the issue is more the amount of controls needed is somewhat limited by a controller. I think its safe to say I can engage a target, dive to cover and bring up a map to form a plan, mark it while also reporting to situation to the team over the group channel and be moving again much faster and smoother than a controller player, which can be a big factor in some of the situations.


Stance adjustment is another big one, its just hard to setup on a controller and its a useful tool controller players might miss out on:


This is just infantry commands: 


Does not include all the different binds for diving, fixed wing, rotor, driving and a few others. So it can get crazy to set up. Holding L CTRL acts as a modifier on some items which is not shown, same for R CTRL.  For example, L CTRL + G cycles grenades.  R CTRL + M is GPS.  Or double taps, Double Tap K toggles compass on screen. 


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2 hours ago, kotaco said:

For example, L CTRL + G cycles grenades.  R CTRL + M is GPS

So that's how you switch grenades.  I also use LCTRL+W and LCTRL+S to move stance up/down.  I didn't know about Pg.Up and Pg. Down.


I should really print off that keymap image.

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