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Battlefield 3 mXm Server Rules

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Due to the limited space that the server message allows, it has become necessary to clarify the rules with a simple, but clear post on what will get you banned. I (BalzOnYer4Head) don't kick unless I am making room for clan mates. I ban. You are just gonna come back and teamkill anyway, so go play somewhere else.

Our server is up for fun, we pay for it to be fun, you harsh the fun, you play somewhere else, no hard feelings.

Some guests might wander over to the sight and want to complain that they were banned, wondering why you were banned, it was for a violation of one of the reasons that follow.

The Rules & Guidelines: [*]Everyone Is Welcome! We will not kick any players who are not skilled, we don't expect you to live your life playing this game to get amazing at it, if you're 1 kill and 23 deaths, that's fine. It's about having fun doing it. We have some very good members, but just as many who are average and below. At the same time, if you or your clan is awesome and you're kicking our butts, that's fine too. We'll take the loss, thanks for the challenge. The only time a player will be kicked is if they violate a rule or if we need to get a clan member in, which is continued in the next rule. [*]Clan [mXm] Members Take Priority Sorry! But we don't pay for this server to have our members sit in the queue all day. (Although many of us don't mind and will wait our turn.) If an administrator receives a request to get into a full room by an [mXm] member, we reserve the right to kick somebody out to get them in. The admin will notify you verbally as to why before kicking you, and you are always welcome back in. We will do our best to kick those without mics before those with, as we love the communications aspect of this game. [*]No Spawn Trapping Spawn trapping is the act of pushing the opposing team into their "Deployment" after taking all points and holding them there with no ability to get out and continue the game. There is no point to this other than to be jerks, have some sportsmanship and defend your flags rather than waste a game shooting fish in a barrel. There is nothing wrong with camping a flag to hold it down, but the deployment is off-limits. This includes shooting tank shells into the aircraft carriers. [*]No Spawn Camping Spawn camping is very similar if not almost identical to spawn trapping. Spawn camping, however, also includes the act of sniping into the deployment, sitting just outside the "Out-of-bounds Zone" and waiting for people to run past before killing them, and hovering over the deployment with aircraft including jets who immediately shoot down any aircraft that lift off before reaching actual flight. Again, have some respect and at least wait for them to be able to defend themselves before knocking them out of the sky. [*]No Strafing Deployment Vehicles On our server we will not allow the act of strafing unoccupied or recently spawned vehicles and aircraft at the opposing teams deployment with any helicopter or jet. Once they are in the air or driving into the battlefield with at least a chance of going around a different way or standing their ground they are fair game. [*]No Intentional Team-Killing This is the most obvious and self-explanatory rule we have. If you jump into a game just to kill teammates you will be kicked as soon as we see or hear that you are doing so. The game will boot you automatically after a predefined number of team kills, but rest assured that we won't wait for that. Intentional Team Kills also include killing a teammate for a vehicle. If somebody gets into a helicopter/jet/tank before you, oh well. Join in as a gunner or wait for the next one, being such a poor sport will only get you banned.

The Server Admins: [*][mXm] kotaco (Server Owner / Admin) PSN ID - kotaco [*][mXm] BalzOnYer4Head (Server Admin) PSN ID - BalzOnYer4Head [*]Anyone else with an [mXm] tag.
Please feel free to message a server admin or verbally communicate with them in game. A majority of the time the server is moderated by at least one admin, especially between the hours of 6PM EST - 2AM EST. You are more than welcome to offer comments and suggestions as well.

Map Rotation / Game Type:

The map rotation may vary from day to day per the preference of the administrator online. DLC requirements may vary as well. If you do not have a DLC map and the game is full of them in the rotation, don't hesitate to ask as we will most likely be happy to change it for you if you want to play with us. It's just a matter of making the effort to speak up.

The game type will always be Hardcore. We enjoy the more tactical nature and realistic play style of this game type. If you're into regenerating health, full magazines to take down a bad guy and so on, that is completely fine, but you'll have to do that in another server. ;)

What Gives? I was banned or kicked!

Please refer to the rules listed above and see if you violated any of these. If kotaco bans you from the server he usually will include a message as to why, and you will be told what for before being booted a majority of the time. If you still don't know and want to know why, feel it was unfair, or just want to get back into our server since it's a pretty fun place, send an admin a message and will review it on a case by case basis.

You will have the best luck by sending a message via these forums to BalzOnYer4Head and/or kotaco.

The End!

Thank your for your time and reviewing our server rules and information. See you in game!

mXm Command Staff

Clan mXm - Battlefield 3 Server for Playstation 3

"Clan mXm - Hardcore Conquest - Get Tactical!"

** These rules apply to both sides. We will ban half of our team if they are observed violating rules, and take the loss. Its not about winning or losing, its about fun. **

Note: We reserve the right to update, add to, delete from or alter the rules at any time without notice. Last revision May 6th 2012.

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