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The "History" of P_K


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The following was written by Mr. Rayy himself: (Source Playstation Forums)

There never would of been a P_K if Fatzbuscit did not PM MaNNYY RaYY on the sony boards and say this "hey i teamkill as well i think you are funny and wanna tk with you sometime" That PM made MaNNYY realize TKing was what we wanted to do full time. So he disbanned his clan KFF KiLL FoR FuN and started the P0RN KiNGS on FEB 13 or 14th 2004.

Through MaNNYY's charisma and charm P_K was the thing to read on the sony boards. Love him or hate him EVERYONE knew who he was and a lot of people wanted to join his clan of teamkillers and evildoers. Four people come to mind as early P_Kers who were important . first of all ICEMAN0023 aka deadkill23 on the sonyboards. ICE was a natural leader and a very intense and very skillful player. He is what a second in commmand should be. He could of been the leader of any other clan yet he chose to stand by MaNNYY and helped put P_K on the map. *Colt seavers* and Don_magic_juan (known today as *Tragic*). Through their wit they were very key figures in P_K . They left P_K but they are still rememberd for the good they did. Also socom_2widow aka MRS Robinson. she put P_K on the map with her sigs. P_K always had the best sigs on the boards. Thanks MRS R for teaching us how to make sigs. She has moved on as well but she is worth mentioning.

Of course a lot of people know P_K from their fued with mXm. The fued split P_K up. if you were in P_K then and you left you are prob in mXm or one of the clans spun off from them. todays P_K does not regret a thing about that. Through the fued with mXm and all the drama that happend after and during a very very strong unit of P_K was set in stone THE HORSEMEN. The Original horsemen were MaNNYY ICE COLT and TRAGIC. but the HORSEMEN worth mentioning are MaNNYY GAVIN JOSH aka ...red... and DRE. The four of them singlehandly rebuilt P_K from its darkest time to today when P_K is thriving on and off of socom. ICEMAN is still a horsemen but he has been retired from the game but will be makin a return in S3. Silent but deadly Ruiner aka ROO ROO is a horsemen as well and our newest horsemen GRIFFY aka FReeBuRG but he is way busy with his new girlfriend (n00b).

P_K won a lot of wars and beat a lot of forum clans mXm NNK TDC to name a few. A LOT of people remember P_K gettin crushed by .3d or whoever and losing to 9mk but we always kept our heads held high cause we were never a professional non stop warring clan. Yeah guys you beat us. Yet we are the ones STILL TOGETHER (*cough* 9mk). We believe in standing tall together against all odds on socom.

A lot of our members have been playing together for over a year now. Big Props to KiLLaB who has rolled with MaNNYY since the second day of socom. active over a year in P_K members are MaNNYY, -GaViN-, ...red..., dre, ruiner, killaB ,John W Gacy, Jonnygunndem. Closing in on a year are DirtyMartini, FReeBurG, and FunkyP. over six months Shaunm525. non active members still considered P_K are Iceman0023 and Bobby Salami aka fatzbuscuit. New recruits are =set= (good luck at paris island my man), and trukilla (your bro is my dawg). Good luck in P_K to both of you, welcome to the family. Oh yeah a special award goes out to Buck_Rogerrs. He has been in P_K forever. How could i forget buck.

We are gonna do what we wanna do. If that means TK in your room and vote you out so be it. It is a video game get over it. Love us or hate us we dont care.


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Hate to burst the bubbles and ruin your trip down memory lane,  but 9mK has been together for a lot longer and has stayed completely whole the entire time,  minus a couple of tragic incidents that life throws out at all of us.  But yes,  I am still leading,  we still have the same guys, Kronic,  Tupdoe,  Zero,  Turk,  Terror,  CK,  D Man,.... The list is huge and we have all stayed together that whole time.  Nice to see some of you still hung through it all,  but mxm,  the true mxm,  detested p k because p k was nothing but trolls and immature gamers with very poor skills.  I know it was about having fun,  but losing that bad to all the good clans took a toll on your clan.  We,  how ever,  came through a better clan,  absorbed some people,  one or two from P K,  and continued to strive.  We meet up twice a year,  we just had a reunion here at my home,  all 23 of us.  It was a great time.  I am happy to see you did keep in touch,  but please,  for history sake,  update this.... Because 9mK was too good to not stay together.  We play competively to this date.  We are on ALL the major titles and on both consoles.  Hit me up if you want a rematch  lol. 

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Not sure if I am either misunderstanding you, or you missed the part where that was a quote from Manny Rayy. Kotaco (SOCOM Unit 1) would never post something that ill formatted.

We remember 9mK. I played COD with Tupdoe alot back on the PS3. Miss you man! How the hell are you!? What games you all playin? You over on the XBONEr?

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I am doing really well, thanks for asking.  I did misunderstand this post,  I actually came across this site and post when I was searching for an old SOCOM video we made for gamebattles,  Google led me here.  I am very happy to see another original clan from SOCOM made it this long.  With the same tags and so many members.  We changed our tags a thousand times,  but the clan has stayed together the whole time.  


And Tup only plays COD lol.  He buys games here and there,  but that is the only game he truly plays.  I am dedicated to my xbox one,  hut very open to the game I play.... I have a ps4 in our theater room,  but I haven't played it really at all...  My son plays it a lot.   IamTheGodfather is my gamertag if any one wants to add me,  just send me a message letting me know who you are.  



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Also.... Those are all the games I have,  although gta v didn't show up in that pic for some reason.  I also have a few others digitally downloaded,  xbox restricts how many you can have as pins.  I know I don't have outlast showing there,  and there is a couple others I don't have showing there also.  This was not to boast or anything juvenile,  it was simply to show which games we can meet up on.  

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